Indian Remy Hair: All You Should Know.

Many women love using human hair extensions for two reasons. They last longer and also blend in with their natural hair. There are many human hair vendors online that sell various human hair; Indian Remy hair inclusive. So as not to fall into the trap of buying fake Indian Remy hair, we have come up with all you should know about Indian Remy hair. But before we go into that, what exactly is Remy hair?

What is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is a tangle-free, soft and silky hair extension. It is one of the highest quality human hair available, and weaves made from this hair blend well with that hair and last a long time. Remy hair is gotten from human donors, which is why it is an original human hair extension. After the hair is collected, it undergoes minor processing to make it soft and silky. The hair cuticles are positioned in a way that ensures they fall in the same direction. Hence, it is tangle-free. This feature distinguishes it from other human hair extensions. There are two different types of Remy hair; Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and many others. But for this article, we will focus on Indian Remy hair. 

What is Indian Remy Hair?

Just as the name implies, Indian Remy hair is natural human hair that is gotten from India. It is 100% natural because the hair is collected from the head of Indian women who donates their hair for religious purpose. It is tangle-free because of the method used to harvest the mane. The hair is first pulled back into a ponytail, then cut to prevent strands from falling to the floor. This ensures that the hair cuticles are well aligned to fall in a way that natural hair would; hence, it is tangle-free. 

Indian Remy hair is often unprocessed or slightly processed. And this makes them have a silky texture with the color still intact. Hence, many women who love virgin human hair opt for this hair extension. Because they are naturally silky, and light, you can style them with ease. Besides, this hair extension is collected from healthy hair donors. Thus, you can dye, flat-iron, or even cut it without any damage.

Features of Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy Hair has many features that make it popular and desirable among many women. These features include:

  • It has a fine texture, and a natural bounce, so you can style it with ease.

  • Indian Remy Hair is durable, so it can last a long time (up to 24 months).

  • They are one of the more affordable human hair extensions, even though they share almost the same characteristics as others. Therefore, if you want to avoid expensive human hair, go for Indian Remy hair.

  • Indian Remy hair fits well with various hair types, particularly Caucasian hair. Because they are 100% human hair, they do not tangle. However, they are prone to frizz, so make sure you use anti-frizz products on this human hair extension.

Types of Indian Remy Hair

There are several types of Indian Remy hair. But for this article, we will briefly discuss six types.

Straight Indian Remy hair. It is silky and smooth Indian Remy hair. It is also straight from the root to the tip. The interesting thing about this type of human extension is that it blends with almost all hair textures. Because it is versatile, you can curl it into whatever wave you want.

Curly Indian Remy Hair: its texture could be silky or coarse. However, it is bouncy and requires minimal effort and product to style. But, it becomes frizzy when wet, so you will need anti-frizz products to maintain it. Just like straight Indian Remy hair, curly Indian Remy hair also blends with any type and texture of hair.

Wavy Indian Remy hair: in the world of Indian Remy hair, this type is mostly recognized and embraced. Even though it is already wavy, it is versatile, which means that you can straighten or curl it into a deep wave. Besides, you can style it based on your preference. 

Deep wave Indian Remy hair: it has a tighter wave than the wavy type but not as tight as the curly one. It is naturally bouncy and adds more volume to your mane.

Loose wave Indian Remy hair: This Indian Remy hair type adds more volume to your hair. And because it was not chemically processed, you can style it any way you want. So, if you do not want deep wave type, go for loose wave. 

Natural wave Indian Remy hair: Although this type looks like a loose wave, however, the wave is more natural. You can curl or flat iron Indian Remy natural wave. If you straighten it with a flat iron, it will go back to its original wavy state after you wash and air-dry it.

So, here is all you need to know about Indian Remy hair. And we hope with this knowledge you can make a better purchasing decision when you next go shopping for human hair extensions. 

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