About Us

Prarvi is focused on "Beautiful Expression of You"

I started Prarvi to create a new millennial company which delivers authentic, trusted and innovative solutions for customers. My background as a chemical engineer, entrepreneur, beauty enthusiast and a mom is the force behind the values of Prarvi. It reflects in everything that I do. I am not here to create the next clockwork supply chain company which represents the machines of the future on the internet. But my focus is to create a more personalized solution brand where we constantly discover what is true and right to us. My worldview on commerce is as of a problem solver, and growing people which at times may not be consistent with the machine view of the world and e-commerce. While I want to run this business as serving the right product for you over and over again, in a relationship mode. 
This business is for women by women.. some of us love the outcome, "The beautiful expression of us," the value chain involved in this business generates jobs for women in the entire industry. In India, where we run our overseas plants, women workers work every day in helping clean the hair. They are the force behind this industry. It is all hand driven, organic. 
My goal is to continue to take this forward and bring the authentic hair, combine that with best of fashion art and scientific innovation. Innovation not to create another set of machines, but really to bring out the best in the products. 
If you are a stylist or related to hair extensions industry, you can call me and we can sip a cup of Indian Masala tea together and discuss how to change this further.
I am here to enjoy this business, enjoy the beauty and smiles on people's faces, and make difference to few if I can. 
I also love Indian Spirituality, Yoga and mixing life with fun. Look forward to meet you sometime.