Hair extensions shouldn’t be considered as an addition or an extra piece to the hair. They are an extension of your hair itself. Hence there are lots of problems one can face while using hair extensions. If proper care is not given to extensions, they won't look natural. Moreover, a lot of problems will come up if extensions aren’t taken care of, properly.
So here’s a guide to everyone out there. Here are the do’s and don’ts of Hair Extensions

DO’s :

1) Spend extra time in taking care of your hair
2) Use the right products for your hair.
3) Spend a little bit more money, than usual, on the hair care products for extensions
4) Wash your hair the same way you would wash your own hair. Shampoo and condition hair extensions at least twice a month
5) Air dry your hair extensions and never blow dry it.
6) Always use the right brush for your hair.
7) Wear a loose braid before you go to sleep.


1) Don’t go to bed when the hair is wet. ( if you have permanent hair extensions )
2) Avoid heat products
3) Do not apply bleach to your extensions, it will lead to the shedding of the hair of the extension
4) Don’t color hair extensions yourself. Consult hair stylist
5) Don’t forget to untangle even the small knots
6) Do not sleep in with your extension

As they say “ Prevention is better than cure “, it is important to make sure that these tips are considered while trying out various extensions. I am sure that if these tips are given importance, maintenance of hair extensions would be much easier.
So focus on the do’s and flaunt your extensions to the world.

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