Length And Color Chart

 Hair Length Guide

We all refer hair as short, medium and long. When it comes to purchasing of extensions, it is quite tricky to have length idea. To avoid any further confusion PRARVI had developed a very handy hair length chart, to ease the clients, to understand their needs.

The blending of hair extensions depends on clients own natural hair length. The shorter the hair the harder to blend and more extensions are needed to balance with the rest of the hair.

Straight hair should be measured when lying flat. Wavy and curly hair is straightened out to be measured because they have more volume of the same weight.


Color Chart

We generally term hair color as black, brown, gray and so on…….but when it comes to exact matching we need to have a guide. Our color chart has all possible human hair colors that are trending in the market. This chart helps the client to exactly match their natural hair with extensions color to purchase best.


Color Chart