Hair extensions are a great way to compliment hairs. We can experiment with lots of color, texture, style and it adds the volume of hairs. It is very necessary to take care of hair extensions. Basically, we have six types of hair extensions

  1. Sew in
  2. Top pieces
  3. Micro links
  4. Fusion
  5. Tape in
  6. Clip-on

We will take one extension at a time and its maintenance too.


        Sew in extensions are made from delicate human hair. They are of very good quality. In these types of extensions the natural hair is braided along the scalp by stylist and then the Sew in are attached to braids.


  1. We have to oil our scalp whenever we feel itchy. Take a little amount of coconut oil on fingertips, spread it gently on the itchy area of the scalp. Do not be rigorous as it might make our extensions visible and hairs will become frizzy.
  2. Wash hair once a week. Use a mild shampoo preferably baby shampoo. Condition the hair each time after shampoo.
  3. Wrap hairs with towel; do not apply to rub motion to dry them as it will damage hair. Do not blow dry the hairs on high temperature. Do not sleep with wet extensions, if the hairs are little-wet use silk scarf to avoid friction with the pillow.
  4. Comb the hairs carefully. Start from the bottom and then work up. Never color or perm the hairs at home. Visit your stylist.
  5. Visit your stylist six to eight weeks after the Sew in are attached. He will update the look by filling the tracks in braids.
  6. If hair gets damaged, remove the braids and let the hair rest for at least six months.


See you soon with the next type of extension and its maintenance.

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