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Things to take care of while using extensions

Extensions help us in so many different ways. It helps us try to out various styles and also help us achieve all those looks that we once thought was impossible. It’s not always just about finding the right texture and the right color for the extension but it’s also about handling it the right way. As so many have kept asking these questions of ‘what must one think about and take care of while using extensions’, I’ve decided to write about it.

Here are some of the common and easy ways one can handle their extensions:

1) Extensions should be handled with care. Just like natural hair, extensions to have the risk of being damaged at the ends. The breakage of hair is something that everyone must be aware of and careful of. Just like one takes care of their natural hair, extensions must be taken care of in the exact same way. Using it in a rash manner and by tightly tying up the hair, hair and the extensions can get damaged to a large extent. One must make sure that doesn’t happen.

2) It must also be made sure that you attach it to your hair in the right manner. Each extension has a particular way of being attached to one’s hair. They are called techniques and it is very important for one to find out the right technique of using an extension. If one does not use the right technique, extreme discomfort will be felt and it becomes extremely difficult to continue using the extension. They usually advise to not attach the extension close to the scalp. This is cause the chances of breakage and damage are more when it is attached that way.

3) Always try getting the first set of extensions done with a professional who has experience or at the least has a better idea than you, in attaching extensions. This is cause one must know all the techniques and ways you can put it up on the hair. If one is trying this out for the first time, they must be humble enough to understand how extensions work and are patient enough to learn it. Having a session with any of the professionals would help give them a clearer idea of how extensions work on the whole.

4) Last but not the least, there are various things one has to take care of when they talk about extensions. Extensions have to be treated equivalently to one’s own natural hair. Brushing extensions can increase the lifespan of each extension. Proper care in untangling it and by keeping it smooth can always make it easier to use. Also as I always mention, heating products should be avoided while using extensions. It is wise to keep extensions away from chlorine and one must make sure they do not use conditioner and other chemicals near the roots.


Extensions have always helped us pull off any look that we desire. So it is our duty to make sure that we try and do as much as we can to use it in the right and correct way. These tips will give everyone an idea as to how extensions must be used and how easily it can be used.

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