Difference between frontal and closures

A common doubt that I often come across is “What is the difference between a frontal and a closure?”
While most feel that they are one and the same, in reality, they are very different. So I thought I’ll write a blog and make you understand what the common differences are.

To Begin with,

1) Size:

The size of a frontal and a closure is different. Frontals are usually larger than closures. There are two types of frontals – ear to ear frontal and 360 frontals. Ear to ear frontals covers only that portion of your head that is from your left ear to your right ear and a 360 frontal covers the entire hairline. Hence frontals are larger because they cover more portions of your head than closures.
Closures, on the other hand, cover a comparatively lesser portion.

2) Base

The base of a frontal and a closure can vary. It can be of Lace and Silk. While most of the times both of these are made with Lace and silk, closures are often referred to as Lace Closure and Silk closure. The only difference between both is that for the Lace closure, the base material is lace whereas for the silk closure it is with silk. Both are widely used and they both give the desired natural look.

3) Installation

Another difference between the Frontals and Closures is that while lace closures are usually sewn in, lace frontals are bonded in place. A skilled stylist can style these as per whatever style that would look best on you.

At the end of the day, both closures and frontals can be customized according to your style and desire. Blending them into the natural color of your hair is another way to make it look attractive. You can experiment with various styles and colors with these frontals and closures as well.
I hope all the doubts regarding frontals and closures are cleared.

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