The key to enhance your looks is hair color. Not all shades look good on everyone, many factors are considered before choosing the right hair color.

Today I will like to tell u the tips; that you should keep in mind while choosing colors for hair extensions. The factors are:

Almost all people naturally have hair darker than their skin color. Pale skin may look better with blonds and light reds, while inky blacks and deep browns can make darker complexions look radiant. Do not match your skin and hair color exactly; they will wash away your looks.

The time of year can also impact your decision. Many people opt for highlights during the summer, which looks good in sun-kissed tans. During winter, embrace rich, earthy tones look beautiful.

Do highlights that match your natural hair. Coloring your hair several times will damage your follicles and scalp. If you want your hair several shades lighter than your hair, go gradually to avoid damage, dryness, and breakage and hair loss. Scheduled maintenance is also necessary.

Consider your lifestyle, if you are working a high profile corporate job – funky hairstyles with bright colors will not go. You want a decent look. Suppose you work in glam line, then a bland, one-dimensional look will not be loved. So customize yourself in every part of your life.

Skin color is defined by pigments, besides that every human being has a warm, neutral or cool undertone. So color choices are:
1) Warm undertone – They should go for toasty colors like copper, honey or strawberry blonde.
2) Cool undertone – They should go for natural black, burgundy or expresso, mahogany.
3) Neutral undertone – Pretty cool with any color tint.

Eye colors come alive with different hair shades. Hair colors enhance the intensity of your eye color. The hair colors for different eye colors are:
1) Greenish or Bluish eyes – Light red, copper, golden brown and dark brown hair colors work perfectly with these eye color.
2) Brown eyes – Red with the blue base, platinum, and ash blonde streaks looks good on brown eyes.
3) Grey and Black eyes – Blue, black, mahogany and aubergine suits these eyes.
Well, every woman knows choosing hair color is hard. But hopefully, these ideas will help you to find yours. Don’t feel disheartened if now also you are facing problem in choosing the right hair color?

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