Wigs - Why some wigs are very cheap vs some are very expensive

Wigs prices range in the market from $10 - thousands of dollars. Most buyers wonder why there is such a wide dispersion in prices of wigs. What is the difference between natural looking front lines, or some fancy loose curl wigs? What is the formula for these price differences? 

The first basic difference in wigs is the hair type. If the hair is natural virgin hair, it is much pricier than synthetic wigs. The second price difference is the use of natural front lace which is hand tied. If the front lace is hand tied and is natural looking, it adds more cost to the wig. The third major difference is whether a wig is a full lace or front lace. Full lace wigs require the much larger area to be hand tied. Front lace wigs typically using wefted hair which are stitched in the back portion. Fourth price difference comes from the color of the hair. As hair color becomes lighter, it becomes expensive as it needs to be bleached. During the bleaching process, hair loses weight so more hair weight is required to do the same quantity. Fifth price difference comes from the curls in the hair. Steam or natural curls both are more expensive compared to a basic wig. 

Another major difference comes when you purchase wholesale wigs or stock wigs or custom wigs. If you are buying wholesale wigs, the prices are lower. Stock wigs are standard measurements and cheaper compared to custom wigs. 

Wigs for specialized purposes like Alopecia etc are more expensive compared to regular wigs. Please write to me if you are looking for Wholesale Wigs and have any more questions. 



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  • Cheryl

    Any budget can buy you a hair and the cool thing about any choice of hair you decide to pick is that you get what you pay for.

    European virgin hair for example seems to be very expensive because of its relative rarity, and the ability to have natural-looking color in a variety of shades
    So I believe it all boils down to what you can afford with your available budget

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