Which is better, Weaves or Wigs. What to know or choose, how are they different.

Some people are confused about the different types of hair extensions. If you are not bothered with managing your hair on daily basis, extensions are the great option. Today I will like to share the difference between hair extension wigs and weaves.

Wig- wig is a hairpiece that is placed on top of the head. There are various types of wigs like full cover wigs, medical wigs, lace wigs to clip-on. A wig is for everyone men, women and children.

PROS OF WIGS--- Infinite style options and different textures and colours.• Lower in cost than getting weaves installed.• Natural hairs are untouched and scalp can breathe.• Simple and almost effortless to change.

CONS OF WIGS-- Reinstallation is done on daily basis.• Not secure as not glued or sewn on.• Synthetic wigs tend to wear down quickly.• Human hair wigs are expensive.

WEAVES-- Weave hair extensions are extensions used giving fuller and longer looks in hair. They are applied on natural hair by bonding or tracking. Bonding is when hair glue is used to add weaves and in tracking the weaves are sewn in the braided hair of the scalp. PROS OF WEAVES----Fewer hair manipulations, ability to blend in with your natural hair.• Style last for 6-8 weeks with regular maintenance.• More permanent and secure.• Hair growth increases due to braided hair.

CONS OF WEAVES--Difficult to maintain your own hair.• Less style option.• More expensive.• If not used properly, can damage natural hair. At last, I will like to conclude that both options are good, all depends on the need. So which extension is best, assess and purchase. Also just look for the best hair extension suppliers present. PRARVI provides the best and the highest quality hair extensions.

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