Types of hair used for hair extensions

Hair is graded according to quality, have you ever thought why.

Today, I thought of detailing the concept of types of hair used in hair extensions. There are three different of hair being used for extensions – human, animal and synthetic. We will discuss all the types one by one. Human hair extensions are extensions made from natural hair donated by individuals willingly. This includes all different types of races such as Indian, African, Asian and so on. The highest quality hair is from India, where the hair is donated as a sign of worship. The main features of human hair extension are:

1) Made of human hair 2) Expensive and it needs good maintenance.3) Human hair offers the most natural look.4) They feel like one’s own hair.5) A moderate quality hair extension can last for six months but Indian Virgin Remy hair will last more than a year.

Animal Hair Extensions---The most popular animal hair that is used is from yak, horse, sheep or even goats. Although for a layman, to find the difference is difficult but an expert can easily figure out the difference between the animal hair and human hair. Generally, animal hair is very rarely used on its own but is more often mixed with human hair.

The main features of animal hair extensions are: It is a sustainable product.2) Less expensive than human hair extensions.3) Yak and horse hair hold color very well.4) Costly than synthetic hair. 5) Don’t last long. They are made from synthetic or nylon fiber. The synthetic fiber is heated and made into strands of hair. They don’t have cuticles so given artificial shine. Synthetic hair pieces can be found in a wide variety of colors from natural looking to totally cartoon-like

The main features of synthetic hair extensions are:1) Needs less maintenance and is also less costly.2) Don’t last long, sometimes less than three months.3) They cannot be heat-styled with a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron as the heat may damage or melt the piece.4) They tangle easily.5) They look artificial on one’s head due to over shine.

So next time you purchase extensions or a wig, you have to think that to whom should you thank. The other way is to allow PRARVI to serve your needs. We deal Indian Virgin Remy unprocessed human hair.

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