Tips For Curly Hair Extension Maintenance

Curly hair extensions add some spices and twist (pun intended) to your hair. Whether you are looking for extensions for clip-ins, sew-ins, or even wigs, human curly hair comes in handy. However, just like their straight hair extension counterpart, they need all the care they can get to make them last longer. But they require more maintenance than straight hair extension. While using curly hair extensions, everything matters; from the way you brush it, wash it, etc. All of these determine how long your hair extension will last. In this article, we will share some tips for curly hair maintenance.

Wash Routine

  • First and foremost, you need to get the hair wash products right, this is one of the secrets to a long-lasting hair extension. So, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to wash your curly hair. Besides, you should avoid sulfate-based shampoos, this is because they strip the extension of moisture.
  • Wash and condition in sections; this is because it is easier to work in sections than working on the whole hair at once. Therefore, part your curly hair into smaller sections and apply your shampoo to each portion. After that, use your fingers to rake the shampoo through the hair to ensure it is thoroughly distributed, lather, and rinse. Then apply conditioner, and rinse off.
  • Also, make sure you wash your curly hair extension regularly especially if you wear it every day. If you have sew-ins, wash them every week for optimum care.

Care after Wash time

  • Another tip for curly hair maintenance is the use of a leave-in conditioner. As we all know, curly hair needs all the moisture it can get. This is because the extension does not get natural compared to the natural mane. Therefore, you should make sure you use a leave-in conditioner after washing your curly hair extensions. The leave-in conditioner locks in moisture in the hair thereby keeping it hydrated. Besides, it makes it easier for you to detangle your curly hair extension.
  • Good curly hair maintenance calls for detangling when WET. This means that you should only detangle your curly hair extension when it is wet. The reason for this is that detangling dry curly hair can damage the extension. It can cause breakage or even excessive shedding. So, whenever you want to detangle your hair ensure that it is wet. If you want to detangle your curly hair extension without washing it, get a spray bottle filled with water, and spray it on your hair till it's damp. Then detangle with a wide-tooth comb. You can also use a paddle brush, just make sure you detangle gently till you get rid of all knots.

Use of products

  • One vital thing you should know about curly hair extension is that it requires minimal products. Too much product can make it look greasy and weighed down. So, you should avoid using excess products. The products you need for curly hair maintenance are just the ones that will define the curls' appearance and make them look soft.

Tips for using hot styling tools

  • One important tip for curly hair maintenance is to avoid the use of hot tools. Exposure of your curly hair extension to too much heat makes it look dry and brittle and also gives room for frizz. So, avoid using hot styling tools. If you have just washed your hair, leave it to air-dry instead of blow-drying it. Buy straight hair extensions instead of using a flat iron on your curly hair.

Protection of curly hair sew-ins

  • Proper maintenance of your curly hair sew-ins protects it from tangles. Hence, you should use a silk or satin bonnet or scarf to cover it at night. Using other fabrics such as cotton can make your hair tangle and increase frizz, so you should avoid them.

Storage of curly hair extensions

  • Another great curly hair maintenance tip is proper storage. How you store your extensions goes a long way in determining how long they will last. Therefore, you should store your curly hair extension in places where it will be free from tangle, dust, or frizzness. To ensure this, keep it in an air-tight container, or better still in the packaging it comes in.

Final Thoughts

So, here are the tips for curly hair maintenance. Follow these tips to get healthy and long-lasting curly hair extensions.

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