The Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Extension - Clip ins

A lot of women have asked me what they should and should not do when it comes to clipping in hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions for women is something that is quite easy to use. This is a beautiful technique that women with short hair can adopt. The advantages these hair extensions give for short hair women is that they can try out any style they like. If one has a straight hair texture, they can always try out slight wavy extensions and try out a beautiful style.

Clip-on Extension is definitely a lifesaver! But there are certain things women must be careful about when they use it. They should make sure that they are doing it in the right manner.
Here are some suggestions (Do’s and Don’ts of Clip in Extensions):


  • Make sure you find the type of extension that you wish to wear. As mentioned above, you can either go for your own hair texture or try out something new.
  • Try getting advice from your hairstylist or a salon, if you need to.
  • Investing money in extensions will never be a waste. It would make no sense to buy a cheap extension that will probably get worn out after wearing it a couple of times. Investing in extensions would always benefit you.
  • Make sure the color of the extension that you pick is the right color, otherwise the whole purpose would get defeated. The look wouldn’t look natural.
  • Always create a foundation, by applying the clips where your hair is thickest.
  • Brush your hair and the extension ONLY after removing the extension.
  • Wash the extensions only wearing it after sometimes.


  • Do not use a bad shampoo. Understand the type of shampoo that is best for your hair and the extension. Bad shampoo can lead to damage of hair extensions.
  • Do not keep the extensions clipped in for long. Remove it once you’re done.
  • Always start clipping in by making sections on your bottom side of the head. It is much easier. Do not start from the top
  • Don’t wear the clips too high as it will strain your hair.
  • Do not use styling products on the extensions.
  • Think twice before you dye an extension.

These are some of the common suggestions I would recommend to everyone who is using clip in extensions for the first time. It is true that clip-ins are the easiest to use, but just like any other extension, clip-ins should also be managed properly.
Always understand that extensions are called that because they are to be considered an extension of your hair itself. So it is very important that you give the same importance to your extensions and treat them right!

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