Perms and Extensions part 2

After receiving a lot of good response from the first part of this, I decided to go ahead with another part where lots more styles and trends can be discussed. I feel it’s very important for one to be up to date about all the styles and options one can use. Because of extensions, so many women can try out so many different styles without hampering their natural hair. Wigs also come into the picture because today, it is used for so many styles by so many people, including celebrities. So what’s the harm in trying out something new and making some heads turn?

Here are some more styles everyone can try doing:
1. Jet Black curls
This is a type of style that challenges style to another extent. Black is the most loved color by almost many, raises a bar for hairstyles of this trend. Jet Black curls bring about a different charisma altogether. It has magically woven into those curly black hair. All one has to do is get super curly curls in those jet black hair which can easily be obtained by either using jet black colored wigs or jet black colored extensions.
2. Tight curls
Tight curls bring out the best version of perm curls. The trick is to make sure that small strands of hair are used to make these tight curls. Curls are made on these strands and once the entire hair is let open, an attractive style is held out. A Bunch of curls definitely make the hair fluffier and makes it look more voluminous and intact. Extensions of any hair texture tightly curled up can be availed easily.
3. Curls from Roots
This is a hairstyle that not many are seen with. But in fact, it is one such hairstyle that can actually showcase the beauty of curls. Unlike all the other hairstyles, this hairstyle has to be done with curls starting from the roots. The roots of the hair or the hair from the scalp has to be curled along with the hair as it flows down. It need not be necessary that it has to be long hair. Any length of hair with the appropriate type of curls can be used to let out this look. If it seems to be hard, a professional stylist can help you out with the look.
4. Partial Perms
Partial perms are nothing but hairstyles where only certain portions of hair are curled. More or less, the midsections of the hair are curled up in a very loose and light manner. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it gives an idea of the hair being cut up in layers while in reality, it isn’t. Extensions of a curly texture can be used for this style. It must be made sure that they are a little less in length when compared to the other portions of the hair. Proper styling with proper extensions can make this look a trend that everyone would love to try.
5. Silver Perms
As we’ve talked out this in our earlier blogs, colored hair is hitting the trend like never before. Most are interested in trying out different unique colors. Silver is a lot more in demand now. People of all age try out this look. But what makes this style hit the next level is that it is curled up. Curls with silver hair is definitely a must try. Silver is the most classic of colors raises standards once it is curled. It redefines classy and trendy looks.
Hairstyles can be achieved in so many ways. I would always recommend trying something new and something creative that portrays a different version of you. And with extensions and wigs, one can always experiment with anything they want. So which style are you trying out today?

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