Perfect wigs for your face shape

I often find a lot of customers that are confused with the type of wigs they are supposed to buy. More than the personal choices one have for their wigs, the shape of their faces must also be taken into consideration. This is because it’s not always that different types of wigs may suit us. Each of us has a different face structure and like having different hairstyles suiting different faces, similarly different wigs are also to be chosen according to face shapes.
Here’s a guide for different faces structures and how they can choose the most suitable hair extensions and wigs:

1) Oval Faces
These faces are oval in shape. They are quite long but proportionate. Every side of the face is balanced. In these face structures, the face is longer than the width of it.
A woman can go for any hairstyle or any type of wig for this structure. Long or short, curly, wavy or straight, the wig would definitely suit the person as the face is balanced.

2) Round Faces
These faces have wide cheekbones. Their faces are of a circular shape where the width of the face is more than the length. Wigs that have its length more than the chin length will help make the face look thinner. Wigs with short length and bangs would also highlight the features of the face.

3) Diamond Faces
Diamond faces have narrow forehead and chin. They have wide cheekbones and it’s this feature that makes the face look like a diamond. Bob hairstyle wigs are most recommended to women with this face shape. Having wigs with bangs or fringes would also help cover up the narrow forehead. A shoulder-length wig would also help in changing the diamond shape of the wig.

4) Square Face
Square shaped faces are wider in the forehead and wider in the jawline. As a result of which the hairline of these faces is quite wide. Wigs that add more volume to the hairline are generally recommended. Wigs with curly ends are appreciated too. Wigs that hide a portion of the wide sides of the face should be chosen over the ones that don’t.

5) Heart Face
These face shape literally represents that of a heart. They have a narrow chin and wide forehead and cheekbones with the hairline with the shape of a heart. Wigs should be chosen that gives more fullness to the hairline of the face. Wigs with fullness near the jaws would also make one look really very beautiful.

6) Pear Face
Pear shaped faces have a narrow forehead and wide jawlines. The wide jaw and the round chin gives this face the shape of a pear. The best hairstyle for wig would be the layered cut where their shape isn’t evidently seen. With the different layers of hair, the attention given to the middle portion of the face is taken away.

These are the different hairstyles for the various types of face structures that exist. It is very important to find the wig that suits one the most. After reading this article, I hope the search becomes easier. Save

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