Ombre hair extensions


Ombre hair means giving hair a shaded effect by keeping a darker color at roots and gradually lightening it down at the end. The effect this creates a mesmerizing effect. It is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. Prarvi extension designs Ombre extensions that give the latest look of today.
I am a great lover of ombre collections and constantly try new colors in it. Actually, there are plenty of reasons to be in love with it. Today I will love to discuss the magic of ombre extensions and reasons to make it a necessity for you.
1) Ombre hair is stylish and trendy - Solid hair shades are great and all, but sometimes, it can get a little boring... Well getting Ombre or balayage hair is one of the most subtle ways to do that, while still seeing the difference.
2) Ombre hair is very eye catchy – Once combinations of shades right, an Ombre Hair Extension can give hair never-before dynamism, depth and personality. Ombre color transitions can make your crown look magical.
3) Ombre provides different look - Ombre Hair Extensions are versatile color-wise, which gives an unmatched freedom to try on different styles and shades to gel with the occasion.
4) Ombre easily blends with natural hair - It easily mixes with one’s natural hair. An Ombre Hair Extension is the best bet for achieving a natural appearance for one who has dark hair. It blends seamlessly with natural hair.
5) Ombre is versatile - An Ombre Hair Extension will work for short, medium length or long hair. What’s more, it makes you creative by matching the highlights to eye color, the shape of face and wardrobe.
6) Ombre is pocket-friendly – It is more economical than traditional hair dying and touching-up session. Secondly, they are low maintenance, and therefore essentially a one-time investment – not a recurring costs. All of this adds up to substantial savings, especially over the long run.
7) Ombre is safe - An Ombre Hair Extension does away with the semi-permanent or permanent dyes that can damage one’s hair.
8) Ombre is zero-commitment - It’s easy to switch back to original color after an Ombre Hair Extension – no endless wait is there.
9) Ombre is forever - While most color treatments ultimately lose their luster and fade away, Ombre hair extensions are created through a special dying process that makes them durable and really long lasting.
Do you also love Ombre Hair Extensions? Have you tried it yet? How do you like wearing your hair with Ombre? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! You know we love hearing from you!

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