Loose perm wigs and extensions

I’ve met quite some people that love loose curls. While most yearn to get those curls, others are lucky by being born with them. Living in the 21st century, it’s quite funny to not have things by luck. Today anyone can have loose curls and they don’t have to be born with them.
We have so many different types of wigs and extensions where any style can be adopted and flaunted. Loose curls being the trend of the recent times, here are some styles that one can pull off using loose perm wigs and extensions.

1) The permed bob look
Nothing is cuter than a bob look on a girl. But these days, trends have modified that classy look by making it the next must try for all girls. The permed look is nothing but having a bobbed haircut with loose curly hair. While most are reluctant to try this look cause of the length of the hair and the texture, one just has to use the loose perm wigs or extensions to attain this look. It’s a combination of trendy and classy.

2) The Perm Highlights
Another beautiful style that one can try out with perms are the highlighted perms.
It adds so much passion to the natural strands of hair. Highlighted loose curly hair is the next trend that everyone is set out to. Extensions of such kind can easily be found and mixing them up with your regular, natural hair makes it look even prettier. It adds a separate beauty to itself. Highlights mixing in with your hair or choosing a color that is totally different from your hair color is left up to you, but the outcome is one and the same – Beautiful!

3) Beachy Blonde wavy look
Nothing beats the awe a beachy blonde wavy look can give. Having long blonde hair and having them curled up is a lot of effort. Not to mention using extreme amounts of hair heating products may also damage hair. Wigs and extensions of the blonde shade are very easy to use. They bring out a different look by itself, by bringing zero damage to the hair. Beautiful long blonde curls can be used to bring out that confident and glamorous side of you and it is perfectly easy with extensions and wigs.

4) Loose it up
It’s a common wrong notion that curls have to be tightly curled. But when it’s let loose, it has a different beauty to behold. There are so many wigs that start off with a straight texture on the scalp and moves its way down to the bottom of the wig with big loose curls. This is a hairstyle that can be worn on any extravagant occasion.

5) Various sizes perm
This is a hairstyle that barely takes any time or effort. It has no complications whatsoever. It is a normal hairstyle with curls of different sizes on them. Some portions of the hair have large curls while others have small. All put together, it looks too very gorgeous to look away. The simplicity of this hairstyle is its imperfection. The imperfect curls add a lot to the beauty of the hairstyles. One can try it out with wigs or try out extensions with different curls.

There are so many styles one can try out with loose perms. Using heat products for hair just damages hair to a very large extent. Instead, it is so much better to try out extensions and wigs. It stays all the while long and has a beauty of its own.
So which style are you trying today?

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