I-tip Hair Extension: All You Should Know

Hair extensions such as weaves, clip-ins, sew-ins, and so on offer us flexibility when it comes to hairstyling. They help to achieve different purposes, such as adding volume, length, and thickness to the mane. And one of the hair extensions that help serve these purposes is i-tip hair extensions. These extensions are not new; they have always been for sophisticated and classy ladies. But, it has recently become popular as hair trends are evolving. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about i-tip hair extensions.

What are i-tip hair extensions?

I-tips hair extensions are extensions that are fastened to the natural hair with the use of microbeads. The strands of i-tip extensions have keratin tips, which makes them suitable for both fusion and micro link techniques. Sometimes, they are called "micro links." But, micro links are techniques used to attach the i-tip hair extensions to your natural mane.

What are the pros and cons of i-tip hair extensions?

Before you decide to invest in i-tip hair extensions, you need to know the pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons associated with them;

Pros of i-tips extension

There are many benefits you can get from this extension, and they include;

They do not damage natural hair.

One main reason why many women run from extensions is that they are afraid it will damage their natural hair. But, using i-tips hair extensions will not damage your lock if installed properly. This is because using the extension does not require the use of any chemicals or hot tools. Thus, this extension poses no risk to your natural mane.

I-tips extensions can be easily attached and removed at home.

Another great advantage of this extension is that it can be easily attached at home. Once you have the essential tools for the installation and you have the basic knowledge of how to use the tools, then you are good to go. This is especially beneficial for those that want to save money.

You do not need the help of a professional to remove the extension, especially if you installed it yourself. All you need for easy removal is a plier. Press it on the bead to open it up, then the extension will come out. But, if you try removing the first bead and you can find a way around it, then go ahead and remove it at the salon.

They are an excellent alternative to hot fusion.

Because i-tips extensions are cold fusion, they are excellent alternatives to hot fusion. If it takes 3 to 4 hours to install hot fusion, it takes 1 or 1.5 hours to install i-tips. Besides, you do not need to use any type of heat tool on them, so they are not at the risk of melting away.

Cons of i-tips hair extensions

There is nothing that has a benefit that does not have its cons. And here are some cons attached to i-tips extensions;

The installation can be complicated.

One of the things that makes installation complicated is not knowing how to install the hair. As we stated earlier, you should have a basic knowledge of how to use the basic tools needed. So to equip yourself, you can watch DIY videos on YouTube to learn how to install i-tips extensions at home. Besides, you need to have those tools on hand, and you can get them at any store or salon around you.

It takes extra care to maintain

Another con of this is that it takes extra care to maintain. For instance, you have to be extra careful when you are washing or brushing i-tips extensions. This is because if you wash too close to the beads, it could displace the extension and the i-tip strand could fall off. So wash and brush carefully and avoid tugging too close to the beads.

What should you consider before buying i-tips hair extensions?

This extension can be expensive, so you should see it as an investment. But the cost of the extension varies with the texture, type, and length.

Convenience: another factor you should consider is how convenient it is. One, it is not heavy, so it does not tug on your natural hair, and this means that your mane is not at risk of breakage. Besides, it takes less time to install i-tip hair extensions. This is because you do not need to braid before installing. And it gives you easy access to your scalp without any form of barrier. Also, you can style them in whatever way you want.

Longevity: i-tips hair extensions last a long time on the natural mane. They last up to three to four months. And the extension itself lasts up to one year. However, to ensure this, it needs optimum care. You need to wash it every two to three weeks. Besides, you have to visit the salon every three to four weeks. This is because new strands would have grown on your mane, and there would be a need to push up the microbeads.

Final Thoughts

I-tips extensions, like any other extensions, add length, volume, and thickness to the mane. But, its installation and maintenance are slightly different from other types.

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