How to start a hair business. Key questions to ask

Many women want to start a hair business on the side to earn extra income as well as a potential business to scale up. Given that overall hair extensions business in the USA is very large, it has a huge potential and can be the very lucrative career for women who invest time and energy into it and stay clear of the fly by night operators who are trying to scheme the money by selling shoddy products. One of the most important critical factors of doing any business is having good knowledge of the product, sourcing and finding the right supplier partners who can stand with you, guarantee the product quality, and are willing to listen to your concerns. Many young women who start this business, at times get lured by price on AliExpress without full research about the product and end up burning their reputation, money and client confidence.
Before you start your research on your vendor partner, you need to clarify a few things. 
1. What is the product you want to source?
2. What different type of qualities exist in the product?
3. Is your supplier sufficiently transparent to you or singing common names like Brazilian, Peruvian or Malaysian which even does not exist? 
4. Do you understand the difference between the variety of hair types?
5. What is the process of hair sourcing, quality control and texture creation your supplier follow?
6. Is your supplier also making any value-added product like colored hair or Wigs?
7. How strong is the reputation of your supplier?
8. Is the supplier in the USA or overseas? Is he/she registered in the USA for selling the product?
9. Is your wholesaler having a manufacturing plant or not?
I will detail many more fundamental questions which are critical to building a good business. Many times, it is important to have a cultural interface with your supplier in the USA. That allows you to not only feel confident about the product but also build a relationship with your supplier partner which is critical for success in business.

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