How to sell hair

Many women who want to get into the business and earn income, have a question.

How to sell hair? There are many options to reach your clientele. 

1. Online
2 Social Media
3. Meeting and Talking * Hair parties, stalls or salons 

Most new hair entrepreneur women start building their online presence, website, and social media presence while postponing the real experience with products.  

In our view, this is not the right strategy.

The right approach to building a good business is to get some solid customer experience in the real world.  You need to work with the product, you need to interact with your customer on the ground, in the real situation, get their feedback and listen to their challenges and questions.
Once you have that learning, you build your reputation, customers trust you and your judgment about the product becomes improved. So if you are trying to build a hair business, don't assume that commerce is the only way.

In fact, in the USA still, 90% of sale happen in the real world.

That is where customers, touch and feel the product and for the product as natural as hair,
nothing beats the game as real customer interaction. Obviously, this all needs to be backed up by real product knowledge and supply chain.

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