How to find vendors for Raw Indian Hair

The Raw Indian hair is the right term to use for finding the Indian temple hair which are unprocessed, can be bleached, dyed and look beautiful when you make sew in extensions or use them in a closure wig.



A lot of earlier terms like Brazilian, Pervuvian or virgin or some other terms were confusing the market. In hair market there are only these sources from India - 

1. Raw Indian Hair from South Indian temples - This is the best quality hair which is dark in color, has a slightly higher in thickness and is more likely to be curly. This is the best Indian hair which can come in variety of lengths. The natural form of this hair will be either natural wave, natural curly or straight. It is difficult to source and becomes expensive in longer lengths. 

2. Indian hair from South Indian temples (dyed) - This hair is also natural and from the South Indian temples, but is dyed before donating it. This hair cannot be dyed or bleached but is typically in dark black color. 

3. Raw Indian hair from North Indian temples - This hair is more likely to be thinner, less dark in color and more straight as compared to South India. This hair though is also natural, can be dyed or done with all the other processes like bleaching etc. 

4. Processed hair from India/China - This hair comes from collected or fallen hair, and goes via a long processing route. This hair is straightened and treated to remove cuticles so that it does not tangle. Indian processed hair is better quality than Chinese processed hair as even this is a natural hair and is not very cheap. Most of the cheap chinese hair are coming from Non-Human sources. 


The Raw hair from South India is becoming rare as there is a high demand, and supplies due to COVID has been limited. A good trustworthy supplier is the key. If your supplier is right, he/she will provide you with proper guidance. Dont be surprised if the prices are high for longer lengths.

That is what the market is today. Prarvi has a tradition of being a trust worthy supplier for over six years. You can call Preeti today for appointment and discussion by filling the contact us form. Thank you . 


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