How to find cheaper but good quality hair extensions.

Indian temple hair is sold or auctioned and is purchased by processors.

All processors take a bet on quality of the hair, type of lengths which will come in the auction as well as the color or dye hair presence.

Given that hair is purchased in the lot (each hair bundle coming from the single head), there are bundles with dyed hair as well. Most hair suppliers insist on selling a certain percentage dyed hair as well to push the product/stock. This dyed hair is good quality but cannot be bleached. 

While good hair manufacturers sort out the dyed hair and typically hold on to stocks, many unscrupulous vendors mix it as part of the weft. Thus, it is very important to know if your vendor has high integrity or not. If not, even though the vendor is from India, you may not get the high-quality material that you require. 

While dyed hair cannot be bleached or recolored, it is a very good quality hair to wear if you only want to wear jet black. It is available cheaper in prices compared to regular hair.

So if you are looking for bargain good quality hair, check your supplier for dyed hair and he/she may be willing to give you a discount on Remy's hair. This hair will last as good as Remy virgin hair, except it cannot be colored or dyed again or bleached.

This hair is better in quality compared to cuticle free hair and lasts longer.


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