How to deal with COVID hair shortage from India

As world comes back from COVID, one of the major challenges facing hair industry is reduced production of Temple Hair in India which has caused global supply challenge for genuine hair sourcing.

The challenge in the longer length sourcing has become acute and prices have skyrocketed in auctions in India. As an end consumer and salon owner, suddenly the challenge to the pricing is real and is impacting purchases. In this situation the key questions before the salons owners, hair stylist and people who like to buy Indian temple hair.

1. How long this supply shortage will last?

Tirupati temple and many other temples had been closed so there was no tonsuring of head for a long time. Now the temples have been opened in India and life is back to normal This is leading people to travel back to the temples and the stock is expected to go back up. But due to historic demand from the past backlog, it is not clear when it will get back to normal.

2. How to continue to source high quality hair?

-The stocks have come down, and prices have gone up. But still high quality suppliers who don't want to deal in non remy hair have continued to maintain their supply lines and sourcing hair at much higher prices and building the products. You need to find the right suppliers like who are continuing to supply the hair even at this time.

3. Are there any alternatives?

-Temple remy hair is unique and has no alternative for it. Our suggestion is that you continue to stick to trustworthy suppliers who can solve this problem for you. It is an extremely shortage situation in temple hair due to temple closures.

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