How to choose the perfect hair extensions for face shape

There are various extensions that different people use. Each person has a different face structure and this has to be clearly understood. It is very important to get the right extension for the right hair structure. This is because the whole purpose of the style would get defeated if one uses the wrong extension and if it doesn’t suit them. Much like wigs extensions are also to be clearly and correctly chosen.

Following are some of the tips one should follow to select a particular extension for their face.

1) Oval Shape--Oval shape faces can pull off the majority of the styles due to their elongated face. It’s said that the Remy hair extensions with heavy cuts and fringes should be best avoided. Soft extensions with layers on the side is also a good style for oval shaped faces. This makes their faces look much smaller.

2) Round Shape-For round shaped faces, the best style with extensions would be the one where the length of the extension is below the chin level. This is because if it is above the chin level, the style will make the face look puffier and chubbier than it already is. This style increases the length of the face and makes it look like the face isn’t very round.

3) Heart Shape-The Virgin Indian Remy hair extensions are best for women with this face structure. Haircuts with the short length of hair would suit best for the face. Such styles make the face look more attractive and would portray a high level of confidence in their look. Short layered extensions would light up the face more.

4) Square Shape-Faces with these square shape require more volume of hair at the crown region. Extensions that give more volume to hair in the crown region would make most of the styles much easier to try out. Extensions that are lightly curly or has smooth waves in the hair would also suit square shaped faces the best. There are so many different styles that one can try by using extensions. Styles would look so much better once they are done right.


Right extensions and the right style can definitely go a long way. It’s easiest to start off with the right face structure which can help you to get the right extensions and thus the right style.

Find out your face structure and experiment with extensions that suit you best.

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