It is hard to find the best quality hair; many companies use terms like Remy and Virgin without reflecting the reality of their extensions. Ethically collected real human hair is purchased from Indian temples or collected with paid donors with utmost care (prior collection). This means that the hair has not been bleached or chemically treated and it’s in the natural state. In the recent years the price of raw virgin hair has risen significantly and today it is impossible to buy really high-quality hair cheap.

PRARVI is a trustable source for the highest standards in hair extensions.

Today I thought of sharing some tips to test the quality of your hair extensions

CUTICLE TEST – Hair cuticles are small protein shells on the surface of the hair. Real virgin hair has the cuticles aligned in the same directions from root to tip (Remy's hair), that the hair is collected from the single cut by the donor. Hair with mixed cuticles is called non – Remy's hair.

SMELL TEST – Virgin hair has the great smell as our natural hair. If you smell chemical from extensions than be sure it is not virgin hair.

THICKNESS TEST – High-quality hair extensions are thick from the top of the weft and don’t have gaps in between when we hold them up.

BURN TEST – Real human hair burns very fast and has distinct smell whereas synthetic hair smells like burnt plastic and burns very slowly.

BLEACH TEST – 100% Virgin hair should bleach beautifully and extensions are still soft and silky. Bad quality extensions turn dry and tangle after bleach.

WASH TEST – Virgin hair extensions are free from any chemical. When these extensions are placed in clear water, water remains the same i.e. no chemical; no color comes out in water.

WEIGHT TEST – Check your bundles for weight. A full bundle should weight 100 gm or 3.5 oz. the bundle must be full with not too many short hair.

LENGTH TEST – The good extensions are always 1.5 inches longer than you ordered. The texture affects the lengths and extension length is always stated in straight condition.

SHED TEST – We can check the quality by the amount of hair they shed. If hair extensions are shedding on a daily basis than the quality is not great. Some natural shedding is permissible.

CURL AND STRAIGHTEN TEST – 100% human virgin hair curls and straightens very nicely, just like our own hair.

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