Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Ever felt bad that you couldn’t attempt a hairstyle cause your hair was too short for it?

Or wanted to try out different colors on your hair but too scared to do it?

I’ve come across a lot of people who have always been disheartened that they couldn’t style themselves the way they want the cause of their fears or situations. And my opinion and suggestion would only be just one word – extensions.

Hair Extensions help one fulfill all those styles they tried ruling out before. It’s cheaper, safer and much easier to use in styling hair. So there are plenty of hair extensions for short hair.

These are some of the most trending styles of short-haired women can try out with extensions.

1) Long hair, bangs, and a clip

This is one of the most classic looks that all women with long hair never get tired of. They let out their long, smooth hair and get themselves some bangs. A small clip tying together a few strands of their hair at the back completes this style with elegance. Women can get extensions of their liking and clip it on to their hair. Tie strands of hair using a hair tie. Let out those bangs and you will look exactly how you wanted to!

2) The long braid.

It is most definitely accepted that a piggy tail looks cute on every girl with short hair. But the grace and beauty long, thick, braids give just pushes limits to the next level. Heads are sure to turn when a woman has a beautiful long braid. Get extensions of your hair texture and braid it up. Loose and messy braids are also quite popular right now. Find your right hair color and your right texture to get the beautiful look you want.

3) The high bun

Tying a perfect bun with your hair is definitely a task that requires skills. But more than skills, this style required medium or long hair to get the perfect sized bun. Extensions can be bought and clipped on to the hair. All of your hair together can be collectively taken in your hand, to the upper portion of your head. Twist it, turn it and you can tie the bun in the messiest or cleanest form possible. Pull out your bangs or small strands of hair from the side of your face to give it a stunning look.

4) The high ponytail

This is one of the most common look girls tend to try out for high school or college. One of the easiest yet the prettiest looks someone can pull off when they’re busy. The best part of this hairstyle is one need not try to get the same texture of their hair. Any texture and highlights would go for this style. All one has to do is put it on and tie their hair into a ponytail high above on their head and let the hair do all the talking.

5) Try different textures and colors

There are various styles that include trying out bright colors on hair. While one is usually afraid of coloring their hair into a bright yellow or bright blue shade, they can try the style out by trying out extensions of those colors. Same goes for the texture of hair. Different styles can be achieved using different textures. Any type of style can be achieved this way.

I hope this blog helps all those women out there that have ever been sad or bothered by the length of their hair. It isn’t always about what we have, but about what we can do about it. There are millions of ways short hair women can enjoy the same fruits of long hair women. All it takes is a little effort to acquire the extensions.

Are you trying out a different look today?

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