Hair Extensions Truths

Most businesswoman when trying to start a hair business face tremendous information gap.

The suppliers speak a foreign language, the product is hard to distinguish, there are no well-known brands except a few, it is hard to find honest suppliers with complete control of the supply chain.

What are the secrets of hair business which many business owners don't want you to know?

Virgin Hair vs Non-Remy hair - The market production of virgin hair is less than 5-10% of the overall hair production. Thus, while everyone may claim to sell virgin hair, most suppliers, especially on Aliexpress, sell non-Remy hair. This is very common for China suppliers

Dye vs Non-dye hair- Indian virgin hair vendors need to purchase dye and grey hair along with the overall stock. Most hair companies suffer significant profit challenges if the dye stock is higher or more. The typically dyed stock is about 15-40% of hair stock when purchased. While scrupulous companies take out dyed stock and try to sell it separately (it is very hard to sell), small Whatsapp suppliers mix dyed hair in the weft. This practice is more prevalent in Chennai market from India.

Double drawn hair- Virgin hair is obtained and procured as single drawn whereas non - Remy hair is obtained as double drawn as part of the production process. Thus, typically virgin hair will come as more uneven in length as compared to non-virgin hair.

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