Hair Extensions For Salons

As part of my business,

I spoke to various salon owners and asked them to rate their key concerns in sourcing hair. Many expect price may come as the most import factor.

Most salon owners instead rated client satisfaction the convenience of purchase and returns, and on time availability over price. In my own business, I designed it accordingly so that I can make my business most friendly to deal with for salon owners. It has been such a strong success that most salon owners love that they can talk to me directly, interact with a human being and be able to discuss their client needs.I think it is very critical for salons who are trying to look for wholesale hair vendors to find folks who are extremely service oriented for salon needs. Hair inventory is expensive and client demands are always difficult. Also, the product is natural and there are so many unscrupulous suppliers who are selling fake inventory.

Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is all non-Remy hair products sold as virgin hair. In this scenario, finding a good reliable vendor who can supply on the urgent basis is critical. Many beauty salons are used to vendors who are in the beauty supply wholesale business. They expect the same from their hair vendors. Available next door, in time and always reliable. It is a tough demand to meet, but you can only become a successful and best hair vendor if you can fulfill these criteria.


Do you have high-quality virgin Remy hair product?

2. Is the product consistent in quality.

3. Are your wholesale hair prices competitive compared to other beauty supply wholesale?


4. Can you supply on the urgent basis to beauty salons?


5. Can you do custom work for their salon clients?

6. Do you have the variety of curls they need? They can also ask for new curls and patterns coming into the market.

I have spent enormous time in translating these needs into a good wholesale hair business and I spent hours in trying to not only understand the need for good hair vendors but also becoming one of the best virgin hair vendors.

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