Hair extensions care tips in winter.

Winter is quite a tough time for human hair extensions.

The cold conditions prevailing leave the extensions dry and brittle by sucking out the moisture from the hair. Extra care and attention are needed towards the extensions to prevent the damage in winters. Today I will like to suggest some care tips for human hair extensions that must be taken to maintain the natural texture and shine of extensions.

1) Winter friendly hair products -One of the worst effects of cold climate is, it takes away the moisture from the locks making them dry and brittle. Stock up yourself with hydrating shampoos and conditioners. These products infuse moisture into your hair to maintain the natural shine and glow even if winter is snatching the moisture.

2) Less shampoo, more conditioning -Although human extensions should be washed less all the year round, the frequency of washing them with shampoo should lessen down in winters than usual. Rather they should be conditioned more to avoid dryness. In fact, I would say deep condition your hair once a week.

3) Limit heat styling :One of the best advantages of human hair extensions is that they can be styled like our own hair. Heated indoor make extensions more vulnerable to dryness in winters, so the use of heat styling method should be minimized as they add extra dryness to your hair, making them worse in the rough time of winters, let them air dry.

4) Brush daily : Brush your extensions like normal hair daily. Brushing will help to distribute the natural oils from your scalp to extensions. These natural oils are necessary to keep your extensions healthy and moisturized.

5) Don’t go out with wet hair: It’s a major no to go out with wet hair extensions as it will freeze your hair making it more vulnerable to breaking. If your hair is exposed to snow, detangle them slowly

Besides these general care tips, you can nourish your hair with some healthy natural oils like olive, jojoba, and avocado, to provide essential nutrients to extensions.

PRARVI deals in Indian virgin Remy unprocessed hair extensions and all the above tips, if well followed give them the great life and look.


  • Sharon Wilson-Smith

    You got me when you said that you can keep your hair extensions healthy and moisturized by brushing them like normal hair on a daily basis. My sister and I are interested in using hair extensions soon. We wanted them to look like real hair, so it’s important for us to be aware of how we can make them appear like real. Our goal is not for other people to notice that we’re using hair extensions. Thanks!

  • Lilian Nosakhare-Ogunmola

    Great information. Extensions should be brushed daily, there should be less of shampoo and more of conditioning so as to avoid dryness of the extension.

  • Sayanika

    Interesting read!
    Thanks for this loads of information and great tips 😁

  • Sayanika

    Interested read
    Thanks for this loads of information and great tips 😁

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