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Halloween styles using extensions and wigs
Halloween is a celebration that all of us truly wait for.We put in weeks of efforts into the costumes and have a gala time at all the Halloween parties held. This halloween make your outfits look extra special with the beautiful yet mindblowing hairstyles you can try with the extensions and wigs available to you.
1. The Spider Web
This is one of the simplest yet most effective hairstyle that can be used for Halloween. Use all your hair and make a bun on the top part of your head. Using clip in extensions of your same hair color and texture, braid them up and pin it across your head in a zig zag manner, making it look like a spider’s web. You can search for various spider clips of try attaching small fake spiders on your hair to give it a spookier look.

2. The mermaid look
Another costume that’s quite widely used is that of the mermaid. This is a costume that allows you to look beautiful and yet again allows you to explore the spookiness of the costume. Mermaids are often visualised with really long and wavy hair. This look can be pulled off using the long hair extensions that are available. Long wavy haired wigs are also the best for this look.
Any color wig or extension can be used for this. Also, extensions of smaller length can be used to create various things like flowers and be clipped on to the hair.

3. The Villain
Dress up as an antogonist with a very creepy and evil look. An evil soul with dark makeup is another great look. One can go for the traditional evil look by wearing only black. This style can in the following way. Part your hair through the middle of your forehead. Use a light colored extension to cover one side of your head ( probably white ) and a dark colored extension on the other side ( probably black ) to give out a very evil look. Pair it up with black clothes and black lipstick, and you can very well pull off this evil, villain look.

4. Multicolor
You can use a variety of multi colored or rainbow colored extensions to creat any look. Using a rainbow colored wig or using different shades of colors and creating a character is again a great way to set yourself up for Halloween. A simple one could be that on a unicorn. Get different shades of color and a horn to be placed on your forehead, and you’re good to go.
Experiment various colors together and create characters that can stand out of the lot.

5. Frankenstein look
No halloween is complete without depicting Frankenstein’s look. The trick is to use long dark hair extensions or a very dark colored wig. One should tie their hair behind in a huge bun which moderately resembles the hair of Frankenstein. The most important part of this look is that one should use a grey extension and clip it on to the portion right above the right ear. This grey hair should also be taken while making the look perfect. It is to represent the streak of grey hair on Frankenstein’s hair. This is a great look to try out this halloween!

Halloween is the time when family and friends get together and conduct parties. This halloween try one of these styles and stand out of the crowd with your creativity. All you need are a few extensions and a bunch of creative ideas. This halloween what treat are you going to dress up as?

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