What is double drawn and single drawn hair, the most common question that arises in hair extension business. As the hair extension evolved and the demand for quality increased, companies were forced to innovative techniques to enhance the quality and type of product.

Double drawn extensions are a direct result of that. Let’s study in detail the meaning and difference between the two. Single drawn hair is a standard thickness that many extensions are available in and very popular choice. It is obtained as a ponytail from a single donor. A standard bundle of single drawn hair contains 50% full length and 50% varied length hair for example in a bundle of 18”, around 50% hair length will be 18” and the remaining 50% will be 14” and 16”. It means that the hair will be thick at the top and then taper off slightly towards the end, giving V shape at the bottom of the hair. Single drawn hair is the most common extension as less work is involved in processing and low cost.

The advantage of single drawn hair--- Cheaper than the double drawn hair.• The top is wider than the bottom, giving natural look.• Creates a V-shaped hairstyle.• Low cost. Disadvantages of single drawn hair: • Might look scorning.• Less volume.• Lots of split ends.

DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR---Double drawn hair means that within a bundle, the majority of shorter hair is removed and replaced with long hair of the same length. This work is done by hand, not machines. This process increases the quality of hair extension and provides a fuller volume. If you purchase 18” extension, 80% hair will be of 18” and the remaining 20% will be of 14” and 16”. The hair thickness will be the same from root to tip, giving U shape at the bottom of the hair.

The advantage of double drawn hair:---  90% of hair is eliminated during the manual process, so absolute top quality. • Top and bottom are of equal fullness. • Creates a U shaped hairstyle. • Much more volume and gives perfect look.

Disadvantages of double drawn hair--- More expensive than single drawn hair. Which is better – double drawn or single drawn? It is up to the need but mostly all people consider double drawn as luxury hair.

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