Different types of hair

Hair texture, the starting edge of everything related to “HAIR”.

Today I will like to quench the thirst of my readers about “What are different types of hair texture?” The texture of hair is determined by the thickness of the hair strand or its circumference or the condition of the cuticle.  One of the basic differences is that the circumference of fine hair is small and has a closed cuticle. Whereas coarse hair has a large circumference and the cuticle tends to be more open, making the hair to be more porous. Now we will study the three main type of hair texture in detail.

 Fine hair:

 * Fine hair looks almost translucent when held in the light.

* When a strand of fine hair is rolled between index finger and thumb, it is hardly felt; it would feel like a strand of silk.

* Fine hair has only two hair structures, namely the cuticle and the cortex.

* They look thin and tend to break easily.

*They can get damaged easily.

*They have the smooth consistency and are shiny, thus cannot hold hairstyles.

* It’s usually oilier than other textures and can often be over-moisturized as a result.

 Medium hair:

 *This hair texture is neither coarse nor fine.

* When the hair is rolled between index finger and thumb it feels like a cotton thread. It is neither tough nor stiff.

* This hair has two layers of hair structure, namely the cuticle and the cortex and might have medulla as well.

* They do not tend to break easily.

* They also have a bounce.

 Coarse hair:

 * Coarse hair strand when rolled between index finger and thumb, feels wiry and hard. We can actually hear hair as it is rolled back and forth.

* It is considered the strongest of all hair textures as it has the largest circumference.

* It has all three layers of the hair namely the cuticle, the medulla, and the cortex.

* They are rough and heavy; they tend to hold several hairstyles quite well.

* It contains lots of protein which can make it brittle/dry.

 Knowledge of hair texture is very necessary as if one knows about their type, it is very easy to choose any product, style, and various care methods for one's hair.

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