Colored Hair Extensions

Fashion doesn’t just come in with different haircuts or different styles. One can try out various trends by adding color to their hair.


While most find it a little too daring or hard to color their hair, very few take the guts and color their hair in vibrant colors. In the recent trends, colored hair is getting popular. But what most don’t think about are colored hair extensions.

Colored hair extensions are the usual types of extensions but it comes in various, different colors. While some can try out streaks on their hair, others can use it in whichever and whatever style that they like.

Following are the different types of colored extensions that are popularly available:

  • Normal hair colors:
    These are the extensions that are available in the most common colors of hair that exists – black, brunettes, blonde, and ginger. These are the usual dark colors that look quite natural. They can be used with most of the hair colors and a new style could be adopted with it.
  • Bright Hair colors:
    The next set of extensions that are gaining quite the popularity are the bright hair extensions. These bright hair colors portray out a different confidence in women. The various bright shades of neon are usually used as streaks in the hair of women. This is also used for various hairstyles for both long and short-haired women. It is highly talked about as it is a new trend and is very different from all the other looks that have come up.
  • Two color extension:
    These type of extensions have two shades of color mixed in them. These shades are liked by those who love to experiment with colors. There are extensions where the shades are from a dark shade to a light shade. Also extensions from a change of shade in the same dark color. Different colors, same shade, different shades and a mixture of it all is what these extensions provide.
  • Too many styles associated with extensions:
    There are so many types of hairstyles one can try out with the extensions. Colored extensions have the benefit of being seen, unlike the normal colored extensions that gel in with the natural hair texture. Beautiful hairstyles for all hair types are there that exists for hair of all lengths. All one would need is the desire to look different and unique.

Colored hair extensions are considered to be the new craze for all the hair enthusiasts out there. We at Prarvi produce a wide range of colored extensions that is made with extremely organic products. The blonde hair extensions that we provide are also bleached. We also have a range of two color mix extension.

I would highly recommend all of you to try out the wide range of colors of extensions Prarvi provides. Add a little color to your life by adding the colored extensions to your life!


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