Building Salon Business - Growing with Hair Extensions

1. How to add Salon Income

Good salons owners are always looking for Niche services to add and provide their customers with unique products which are true to their quality, organic and natural. If salon owners follow the basic rules of business, maintain quality and differentiated services, they can not only make a greatly successful salon but retire as a multi-millionaire when they sell their salons.

2. Choosing right hair extensions to carry for additional salon income and quality

While many salon owners want to offer hair extensions, many of them fall for poor quality products which are either synthetic mix or non-organic hair. Those hair tend to mess with the natural hair and lead to a dissatisfied customer. The salon owners typically end up buying these products on websites like Ali-express, Amazon or marketplaces as well as a lot of overseas suppliers who are fly by night operators. If you want to maintain distinctiveness, and sell true quality to your customers, you need to carry Prarvi Hair products which include the variety of hair extensions and custom wigs. 

3. Why & How to carry custom wig lines

While salons can carry extensions, and customize it for their customers themselves, they can also carry custom wig line. Prarvi provides complete back-end support for Salons to sell high-quality hair extensions as well as wigs, closures and custom hair pieces. All salons need to do is to set up time and take training to learn about measurement and hair colors. Custom work requires finesse and helps salons distinguish themselves from the competition. You are more likely to get a permanent audience if you can provide variety as well as custom work to your customers. 

4. Why Quality is important and how to distinguish-

Most salon owners who try to start the hair extensions services are worried about few things. 1. Quality of the products 2. Installation Training. These are both very important and valid questions. It is very important to identify the right long-term supplier - 1. Reliable products 2. Good product range 3. Custom capabilities 4. Shipping and logistics from USA 5. Reasonable exchange/return policies. This requires that Salon Owners should pick local suppliers who can provide all of the above. The price premium paid over the overseas supplier is minuscule compared to quality gap and liability risks. For the installation training, it is very important to understand the type of clientele and which type of extension is popular in the area. Based on your need, Prarvi works with trainers to provide such training in your area. 

As Salon owners strive to make a multi-million dollar business, it is very important for them to add hair extensions as a category and work with the right partners.

Luckily Prarvi not only provides products, but it also provides a complete support system for salon owners to succeed


  • Hobbit jack

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful information , i think you also share again such nice info , the way of your style for writing blog is very much outstanding . kindly keep writing for such type of blog . are u share again such nice info . ??

  • Tara

    I have been thinking of adding an hair extensions to my saloon
    The challenge I have been having is where to get quality products and custom supplies as fast as possible within the USA when the needs arises… It’s good to learn over here that Prarvi provides such support.
    Have got one question though, How does Prarvi handle custom orders especially when the customer wants it as fast as possible ?
    Thanks so much as I await your kind reply


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