Building an Hair Extension Wardrobe for African Americans

A good quality Indian Remy hair can last up to four or five years. If that is the case do you need to buy only one or many.


Preeti Gupta recently spoke to her key salon managers and stylists to create an ultimate guide list for the Indian Remy Bundles buyers

1. Hair bundles depending on the maintenance and how you keep them can last years

2. Don't reduce length of your hair extensions when going for styling. Buy a smaller length so that when you need to wear long, you can reuse them

3. Buy different styles which suit you

4. Only use professional services for bleaching. You can always purchase bleached hair which can save you from the trouble 

Once you build a ward-robe of your extensions, you can change them and reuse them without problems.

Always use a good stylist for the same. If you need any recommendation on good stylists in your area which can do sew-ins, micro-links or any other hair extension technique, you can write to me on my contact us page and I will connect you to our authorized salons. 

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