Blonde Hair Extension

A very less known fact is that women prefer the blonde color of hair more than any other type. The blonde color of hair is what is loved by most of everyone. The most demanded hair color is blonde and the wigs of that color are very easy to be sold.

The same is the case for hair extensions. Blonde hair extensions are highly demanded. Following are some of the most common shades of blonde hair extensions that are preferred.
1) Dark Blonde Extensions
These are extensions that are of a dark shade of blonde. They have a tinge of brown in their shade that highlights the light blonde. These shades are highly attractive as it is a shade between brown and yellow. These are definitely a try.
2) Light Golden Extensions
Here the extensions aren’t as dark as the dark blonde extensions. They are slightly golden where the color shades are of equal brown and yellow portion.
3) Light Blonde Extensions
In these extensions, the color is very subtle. The brown color isn’t shown much. There is a little bit of brown in these extensions but it is mostly covered with the light blonde color. The blonde color highlights these shades.

4) Lightest Blonde Extensions
These extensions come in the lightest shade of blonde. It is just a pure shade of blonde, at its lightest. They are usually used by women of very fair complexion. It is a nice shade to experiment with and to try out various styles.

These extensions come in the form of the clip in and tape in extensions. One must know which color and what type that suits them the best. Some hair extensions of blonde color may also be merged with other colors to give in a trendier look. Different stylists try out different styles with extensions. Be bold enough to try out the blonde color and try giving yourself that dashing look you want.

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