All You Should Know About Gray Salt Pepper Hair Extensions

All You Should Know About Gray Salt Pepper Hair Extensions

Gray salt pepper extensions have been in trend in recent years. Long gone are times when people shy away from gray hair. In recent times when people are embracing colors gray salt and pepper hair extensions have become the order of the day. But what are gray salt pepper hair extensions and how do you care for them? We will answer these questions and more in this article. 

What is a gray salt pepper hair extension?

Gray salt pepper hair extensions are simply gray hair extensions. It is a combination of black and white color. It looks like a dash of black pepper on white food or salt on black food. Many people bleach or dye their hair to get this color. However, we all know that bleach is damaging to the hair so the easiest way to go is through the hair extensions. There are many gray salt pepper hair extensions in the market such as sew-ins, clip-ins, wigs, and many more. 

How to care for gray salt pepper hair extensions.

Caring for your 100% human gray salt pepper hair is the same as caring for other colored hair.  Do not use any sulfate-based products so your hair color will not strip off. Always make sure you use conditioner to moisturize to keep the color from fading away. Besides, you should also reduce the use of hot styling tools to maintain your extension color. 

To avoid matting, tangling, or hair color stripping away, you should not enter any pool without covering your hair first. On the other hand, ensure that you apply conditioner only from the end to the middle of your mane. If you apply it to the root, it might end up breaking the bond of your extension. 


Here are some benefits of going for gray salt pepper extension:

It brightens your look

If you want to brighten your looks, one of the best options to do that is by using gray salt pepper extension. It does not only enhance your look but also adds pops of fun to your hair, especially if you have dark roots.

Adds volume to your mane

One of the benefits of using hair extensions is to get more volume. So those with fine or thin hair can try out gray salt pepper extensions.

Can be installed wherever you want.

One thing we definitely love about the gray salt pepper extension is that you have the choice of where you want to install it. Unlike natural gray hair that grows wherever it likes, you can be creative with your extension and choose where you want it to be. 

Versatile in styling 

Another benefit of gray salt pepper extension is its versatility in styling. You can style it into different styles depending on your mood or occasion.


Now that you know the benefits of gray salt pepper extension, here are some cons/ disadvantages.

It could be costly

Just like other colored hair, gray salt pepper hair is a bit on the expensive side. This is because it has gone through a process of changing its color. Besides, 100% human gray salt and pepper hair are not common which makes them scarce to see. This is in turn attributed to the costly price.

It might be unbearable

Even though you might not be in pain, it could be a bit uncomfortable on your head for days.  

The color could change

If you didn't go for 100% human gray salt pepper hair, you might find yourself battling with color change sooner or later. The color could change from gray to blonde as it strips off.

Final Thoughts

In case you are wondering whether gray salt pepper hair extensions are worth it. The answer is yes, they are totally worth it. They allow you to switch your look without any chemicals in your hair. Thus, saving you from damaging your hair. To get 100% human gray salt pepper hair today, visit Prarvi hair today to get it at affordable prices.

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