This 2021 Change Your Look With Closures

We all have heard of the saying that “Changing your hairstyle can give you a altogether new and fresh look”. Well, we just made that saying up for you.

Yes 2021 is here and we all are yet again ready with our new why not trying out to change your hair look for new innings of 2021 and believe it that this time you don’t have to take any major steps to do so because now it can be done very easily with our handmade

LACE CLOSURES made with 100% Remy hair.YESS just a pair of Closures can spin all the magic!!To make sure that you find the right product for you we are here to let you know everything about closures, Let’s get going.

WHAT ARE CLOSURES-Closures are one of the kind of hair pieces or hair extension that provide a full coverage for your head to protect your natural hair.Each hair is knotted into the lace and tied and they completely cover your scalp allowing it to have a true scalp resemblance.

CLOSURE SIZES -Closures are available in dimensions of Closure size 5 by 5,4 by 4, 6 by 6, 13by 4 as compared to frontals which usually come in 3 inches across and 4 inches to the back so we can see that closures have a base that is less wide in comparison. (We will be discussing more on the difference in next section)


-The best thing about Closures is that you do not have to worry about the blending issues as they are available in various textures like NATURAL WAVE, NATURAL CURL, KINKY/DEEP CURLY, ASH BLONDE JACKSON, SILKY STRAIGHT, BODY WAVE, AFRO GREY CLOSURE and more to choose whatever you like that suits you the best

Lace Closures are available in different part or styles the includes-

3 PART CLOSURES- Let you part the hair in 3 different ways

MIDDLE PART- Closures are best when it come in middle part and it works really good for straight hair look.

*FREE PART- Free part closures let you part your closure freely and however you want and so it is the best choice because of its versatility.

Closures are ideal for anyone who wants a full coverage and you can select any parting you want.


1) Wearing lace closure are beneficial as it allows your hair a break from daily styling and stress put on strands, so be it on a holiday or normal routine in case you do not want to be bothered with your own hair maintenance then closures are made just for you.

2) The versatility and flexibility of Closures makes them applicable for all hair types where you can enjoy both extra length and volume and at the same time avoiding your own hair getting fragile while you curl , straighten or dye them. Closures requires much more less maintenance and can save your money and precious time with giving you style quotient.

Closures are awesome:)

We hope that the above sharing is helpful for you and we will be regularly sharing such informative pieces with you and also don’t forget to stay connected for our next section wherein we will be discussing about differences between Closures and Frontals along with a set of frequently asked queries on closures.

Feel free to drop in your queries! Meet you soon.

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