Authentic Hair Extensions are for everyone

While it was discovered as an African American Women market, hair extensions are becoming more and more common.

As an Indian woman, when I started selling Virgin Hair Extensions in the USA. I was mainly selling to African American Women who found my product quality to be excellent. A major advantage came from my location where I was accessible in New Jersey. I got excellent and rave reviews on my Indian Virgin Hair Extensions. Hair stylists took the product, shampooed it, permed it and styled it. Everywhere I went, I found hair-stylist in love with my product. They were buying Brazillian hair extensions or Chinese but did not have a reliable Indian supplier. I was very satisfied to bring a high degree of quality in my product and offered authentic high-quality hair extensions backed by a company in the USA.

While authentic human hair extensions were very popular among African - American women, I was equally surprised when many of my Indian friends wanted to get their own human hair extensions. I had loved my hair extensions. But I did not realize that demand for my halo hair extensions will be so much in demand in the Indian community. The appeal having lustrous curls, waves is appealing across every community. As I was able to demonstrate high-quality hair extensions, its beauty, and quality, I am positively surprised by my discovery of new market segments. So, here is all you need to know about Indian Remy hair. And we hope with this knowledge you can make a better purchasing decision when you next go shopping for human hair extensions.

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