Indian Hair -Scaling up the technical production curve

Hair extensions add a lot of beauty to users and can be expensive to purchase. Indian hair extensions are the most natural, virgin and highest quality.

Indian suppliers have been very primitive in technology till a few years back. While the quality of the product from raw material was great, the final outcome had poor technique. Despite the presence of a large source of the labor force, India extensions lacked finesse, quality, and durability. The best of human hair which mankind was having, were getting wasted away in poor products, bad customer management and lack of embrace of better practices. The demand for extensions, however, had been growing. Customers were waking up to Indian hair but were confused on what is original product. They were also baffled by the quality complaints about the initial products. India, however, kept producing the hair and slowly became one of the largest exporters of raw human hair. Most of the hair extensions in the world were getting sourced from India. An abundant population (1.3 Bn) and a culture of donating hair had resulted in large amount of hair getting produced in India. Indian hair while in beginning was largely temple virgin Remy, the demand for raw materials also created alternative sources for non-Remy hair. Non - Remy hair is also human hair but was sourced differently as compared to virgin Remy hair which comes from the single head and has aligned hair cuticles. Non - Remy's hair is chemically processed to remove the cuticles so that hair does not tangle. However, this chemical process also weakens the hair and reduces the quality of it. Most non-Remy hairs were also exported to outside countries which use it to produce cheaper quality hair. As this export grew, Indian entrepreneurs have also realized the value of managing quality, technique and utilizing the right glue / wefting techniques. That change which started over the past few years led to the development of better techniques, transfer and learning from countries like Korea which were leaders in the hair techniques. Today, there are enterprises which are having better technologies, quality production processes and much superior natural quality compared to other countries.

Above all, it is natural, authentic and coming from known sources of hair (in the case of virgin Remy). In the hair extensions, this quality of the process is critical to ensure the ethical nature of sourcing, the truthfulness of the source to ensure purity and natural characteristics. One of the other differentiating factors about Indian Remy has been the quality of hair care in India and its importance. A few differentiating factors have been that hair always occupied a symbol and crown of beauty and are kept natural. Indian derive their hair care principles from Ayurveda which focuses on natural herbs, oils, and diet to improve health.

Most Indian use coconut oils or herbs like Aloe Vera. for hair care, Indians were much less experimental on use of chemicals to the hair. Given this background, Indian Remy hair is far more likely to retain virgin hair properties and will be suitable for treatments as compared to other hair.

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