5 styles using clip on extensions

Clip-on extensions are one of the easiest types of extensions one can use. It barely takes time and can help one give life to the styles that they’ve always been dreaming of trying out.

Clip-on extensions take much less effort and still gives the outcome that one wants. These extensions can be sorted by the type of texture and hair color one has. This also helps them to experiment with different styles with extensions and gain that confident look. Here are 5 such styles:

1) Loose Curls--One of the best ways to avoid heating products is by using hair extensions. Hair extensions that blend well with your hair texture and color can be used in a very creative way. One can get curly extensions or loose curl extensions so that all they have to do is clip them on. Getting loose curls gives a very casual yet attractive look. Long extensions would look lovely on anyone.

2) The Full bun look--Tying one’s hair into a bun is quite the trend now. But getting it to look neat and full is quite a task. This is because everyone has a different hair texture and very few have thick, full, and long hair that can be used to make a bun. This is where the clip on extensions come into the picture. Clip-on extensions make the hair look more voluminous and hence this will help in creating a beautiful bun. This might be a tricky style to pull off, hence it’s recommended to visit your stylist.

3) Side Braid-The side braid is a style that gives a very elegant look. It gives a very classy, messy look. This style too requires quite some volume of hair. Thin side braids to look nice, but the beauty of it comes when it is long and full. Get some long clip-on extensions, join them to your hair and start braiding. The key to this style is when you make it look and pull out little strands of hair from it.

4) Low Ponytail-Low ponytail with long straight hair extensions is the trend that everyone loves. This is made possible only when you have the perfect structure of hair for this. Hair extensions added on to your hair and then later on trying a very low ponytail gives it the gorgeous look it wants. The last style that you can pull off with extensions is the look where you make thin braids on either side of your head and pull it back to give a messy puffed-up look. It’s elegant and is mostly worn by women on occasions. If done right, this can also be pulled off as an everyday, casual look.

This style can also be worn with formals as well. These are some of the styles that one can pull off with much less time. So which style are you going to try out today?

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