4 ways to flaunt pink hair extensions

Pink is a color that women usually love. But pink is also the color that women are trying to use with extensions and wigs. I’ve talked to a lot of women that go to parlor and color their hair.

They spend hours at the parlor and also have to incur a lot of cost on acquiring that look. This is not just a waste of time and money but also destroys the natural look of one’s hair. Using a lot of chemicals on one’s hair would definitely ruin the texture of it. And also the added risk that one has to bear is the way the look would suit them. This is why I always recommend women to use extensions. This helps them acquire the look and also saves their time, effort and money. Here are some of the most commonly used techniques of pink hair extensions:

1) Highlights-This is the basic hairstyle that most use when they think of coloured hair. While most of them go to expensive salons to color certain portions of their hair in a particular colour, others take the easier way out by using extensions. Extensions serve the same purpose. Instead of spending a huge amount of money to experiment with a particular color, the risk is reduced when they use extensions of the same color and with no chemicals used on the hair. This is a healthier and cheaper way of trying out the same style that you would’ve gotten at the salon.

2) End it pink-This is a hairstyle or a style that has been quite trending. Here, only the lower ends of the hair are colored. Pink is a very bright color by itself could help one in turning more heads than they usually do. Wigs and extensions of this type are quite in demand. Chemicals of dying the hair can damage hair to a large extent. Using extensions where it’s a combination of your original hair color and that of pink can bring about a drastic difference in the style that you’re portraying.

3) Shading it up-There are a variety of shades when it comes to the color pink. The darker, medium and the lighter colors can all be used in different ways. One can either use the various different shades in the same strand of hair or use it on different portions of the hair. The idea is to bring out a different yet daring look on everyone. Pink having the tinge of brightness hidden within it, this style would definitely bring out the confidence that most women would love to flaunt off.

4) Go pink-As mentioned in the previous blogs, the trend right now is to go confidently on various levels by trying out colored hair. And this just isn’t by highlighting a portion of the hair or by colouring a bit of it. This involves one fully coloring their entire hair with a particular, unique, different color. The idea is to look different from the crowd. Many use this color to also symbolize a lot of other inner hidden meanings. Pink wigs are the best for these. As always recommended, for daring styles like these, one can easily just use the wigs or extensions to experiment and look confident!

This style is not just daring, but also different. There are various ways in which one can flaunt this style. Few have been mentioned above, but the outcome is worth everything. So bring out the daring and confident side of you by going pink. This is definitely going to make some heads turn!

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  • Sayanika

    Love pink
    I have been using my extensions for the past two years and they look amazing

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