Folklore behind Indian Virgin Hair

Origin/source of human hair extensions is an important question for all users. Most prominent source for Indian Virgin Hair extensions is from Tirupati in India. Neela Devi, a princess notices this. Immediately she cuts a portion of her hair and with her magical power, she implants it on his scalp. Later this became a tradition to offer hair at the temple. One of the seven hills around the temple is named Neeladri after her name. Now that you know the origin of the raw Indian temple hair what exactly is it? Raw Indian Temple hair is a natural human hair extension. This means that the extension did not undergo any form of processing. Moreover, the cuticles remain intact, so they cannot tangle. Raw Indian temple hair works with all hair textures. Because it is natural human hair, it will not have a uniform curl pattern. Thus, any hair extension that has a uniform curl pattern might not be raw Indian hair.

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