Interesting facts about wigs

Wigs are not what they seem to like. They hold so many different stories behind them. Wigs do have their major function of helping the ones who medically need them. But apart from that, they are also used for a bunch of styling purposes. Most celebrities and actors use wigs to flaunt a new style or trend. I know that these are the obvious facts about wigs. Have you ever thought that wigs could hold a backstory? Could wigs also have interesting facts?
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Here are some interesting facts about wigs

1) Wigs also have the meaning of ‘’a kind of bun’’ or ‘’ a small cake made from flour”.
Funny, isn’t it!

2) Most of the hair comes from India and China. As a part of religious activities, much of the hair gets used up from this activity. When heads are shaved or hair is cut, the hair gets exported to be made into wigs.

3) All the hair that is not used for making wigs is further used for making fake eyelashes, fertilizers, etc. In this way, hair is not wasted and it is put into various other uses other than the wig making.

4) Government officers in Britain wear wigs to show respect to officers.

5) Queen Elizabeth,  owned about 150 wigs.

6) Wigs need to be given the same amount of care you need to give natural hair. They too need to be shampooed and conditioned.

7) There are two types of hair wigs – machine stitched wigs and hand tied lace wigs. While machine stitched wigs are more preferred due to its price, hand-tied lace wigs give the look of hair actually growing from the scalp.

8) A lot of effort is put into making wigs. Hair is first collected, then sorted and then untangled. After that, they are washed and then dried. It takes a lot of time to make a wig. It will take a minimum of eight weeks to get it done.

9) The most demanded hair color for wigs is blonde. Women who sell their blonde hair are paid huge amounts for their chunk of hair.
Fun facts these were, weren’t they?
There are so many things in this world that we aren’t aware of. We look at the things that we see every day and fail to realize that they all have a story of their own. Wigs weren’t always made for fashion. They were made to make the life of people easier.
Keep reading more and you’ll definitely find a beautiful story attached to everything.


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